Limited Availability:

May 1 - May 12

at Intersection Estate Winery during the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival

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Tickets: $30 per guest


The Lost Vintage is BC’s first winery-themed and located Escape Room!

You and your friends find yourselves locked in a mysterious vintner’s workplace with only one hour to uncover the mysteries surrounding the fabled “lost vintage.”

Guests will use intuition, memory, logic, and exploration to solve puzzles, find keys, and unravel the secrets of the room.

Is there wINE?

Of course! Wine tasting and evaluation plays a part in the mystery, although not everyone needs to drink.

If you have a group where nobody will be drinking (including groups of minors), please specify in the Comments when registering and we will adapt the room.

How many can play?

The room can be attempted with as few as one or two people, but will likely be very challenging. We recommend 3-6 as an ideal number. The maximum capacity is 8 people (contact moss@xwine.ca for inquiries about larger groups.)

See the following question regarding small groups.

Is the session private?

It can be. When booking, you have the option to select a Private session. Note though that attempting the room with just one or two people is discouraged, and that opening your session to include other guests can improve the experience (and who doesn’t like making new friends?)

Questions? Contact Moss at moss@xwine.ca