Valid july 21 - july 26

Available Wines and Vintages:

For details on each wine, consult our wine list

(C) indicates a wine that was included in the June Okanagan Wine Club Pack

2017 Rosé ($19)

(C) 2015 Milepost Merlot ($20)

(C) 2013 or 2014 Silica Merlot ($29)

(C) 2014 Alluvia Merlot ($29)

2015 Cabernet Franc ($29)

(C) 2015 Viognier ($19)

2015 Mile's Edge (Sauv Blanc/Viognier) ($17)

2015 Riesling ($19)

(C) 2015 Reserve Viognier-Marsanne ($25)

(C) 2015 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc ($25)

2016 Reserve Marsanne ($25)

Subscription Members Only:

To learn more about the Subscription Club, visit our club page

2014 Axiom (Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv) ($39)

2014 Appassimento ($55 - Collector Club only, 1 per year)

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