Intersection Estate is a 10-acre vineyard planted at high density on Oliver’s Golden Mile. Grapevine varieties are matched to the varying slope, aspect and soil composition to allow even ripening and honest expression of fruit flavors and aromas. The vineyard is cultivated with natural, sustainable, and organic farming techniques.

Our winery is small, well-equipped, modern, and versatile. Gentle fruit handling and minimal intervention are key elements in winemaking informed by science, tradition, and constant observation.

Intersection makes wines with no compromise, and represents a personal and intellectual challenge to raise the bar of quality and authenticity for Canadian wines.

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$19.00 (includes tax and deposit)

A lively, aromatic minerality comes crisp and strong on the nose, intermingled with fresh green apple. On the palate, brief honey sweetness is swiftly cleansed by continued green apple and lime zest. A clean, refreshing finish leaves the mouth watering for more.

A bright, refreshing wine, the Riesling cuts through fat and cools the sensation of spice. Pair with goat cheese salad or oysters on the half-shell with grated horseradish.

*Double Gold Medal Winner - 2017 Cascadia Wine Competition*

*Gold Medal Winner - 2017 NorthWest Wine Summit*

*Jerry Mead "Best Value" Winner - 2017 NorthWest Wine Summit*

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MEW nv.jpg


$17.00 (includes tax and deposit)

55% Sauvignon Blanc, 45% Viognier

A beautiful white-gold wine with fresh Anjou pear on the nose followed by a slight hint of sweet, dry hay and jasmine. On the palate, grapefruit and ripe white peach rest atop a round, balanced mouthfeel with a fresh finish of clover honey.

A supremely versatile pairing wine, the Mile’s Edge can accompany almost anything. Our favourites are light fare that carry a hint of richness, like sautéed scallops and scallions (alliteration always makes it taste better) or pasta primavera. 

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$25.00 (includes tax and deposit)

92% Viognier, 8% Marsanne (the "Golden Ratio")

In this singular blend, the intense stone fruit and floral aromas of Viognier link to the orange peel citrus accents and ethereal texture of Marsanne. Whole bunch pressed, fermented in neutral French oak barrels, and aged on lees for 6 months to promote texture and complexity. 

Intriguingly, every year since the inaugural 2012 vintage we have tested different blend ratios, and every year we conclude that exactly 8% Marsanne is the ideal proportion of the grape to promote the finer varietal intricacies of the Marsanne without diminishing the fruitful vivacity of the Viognier.

A complex and delightful pairing wine, well-suited to drink alongside earthy white meats, from roast turkey to oysters to pork terrine. Try with sushi for a particularly satisfying combination. 

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REGULAR: $25.00 (includes tax and deposit)


SALE PRICE: $20.00 (includes tax and deposit)

Luscious ripe mango and grilled pineapple on the nose are wreathed in aromas of creamy, toasted cashew. 6 months of oak ageing and lees contact develop a voluptuous texture that maintains a tropical theme carried by persistent, bright acidity. A long and complex finish echoes the roasted nut notes found on the nose.

Pair this wine with rich barbequed or seared dishes such as grilled halibut with chorizo, veal with sautéed wild mushrooms, pumpkin risotto, or honey garlic ribs.

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Rose Front 2016.jpg

2016 Rosé

$19.00 (includes tax and deposit)

Extracted after two days of skin contact in saignée from our premium Merlot grapes, this Rosé is plump, juicy, and full bodied. Dry with a perception of sweetness from the long ripening time of the fruit and brimming with strawberry and rhubarb tones, it strikes a balance between crisp and ripe flavours that render it both refreshing and warming.

A versatile food wine, the Rosé can match an entrée like turkey or seared salmon, or perfectly compliment a quinoa salad with watermelon, mint, and feta.


$20.00 (includes tax and deposit)

Our first Milepost emerged in 2011: a cool season boasting a lighter Merlot than was typical for us. Since that first vintage, we always strive to make our Milepost Merlot a vibrant, fruit-driven wine produced with minimal intervention to serve as a clear reflection of the nature of any given year. The current vintage is a perfect example, showing all the vivid intensity of the sweltering 2015 season.  

Jammy and fruit-forward, this wine bursts with stewed blackberry jam on the nose, balanced with a hint of clove and cocoa. This folds easily into a rich, dark fruit palate showing spice, smoke, and leather opening up into tones of brown sugar.
Pair with heavy, protein-rich foods like beef tartare or BBQ pulled pork.

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$29.00 (includes tax and deposit)

The 2015 Cab shows all of the rich, dark fruit of the previous 2013, coupled with a complex, intoxicating nose of roasted red pepper and dried cranberry. Notes of date, fig, and licorice round out a well-textured wine with finely balanced acid and tannin.

Pair with butter-poached pork loin or black lentil and goat cheese ravioli, always with fresh herbs to match.

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$29.00 (includes tax and deposit)

In 2007 we planted one block of Merlot across two distinct soil types: a fine, thin plot of dry silicate sand, and the alluvial wake of an ancient creek system. For three years we created a unified Merlot from the block, until 2012 when we divided the field by soil and formed the Silica and Alluvia Merlots: twins in every way but one. Harvested in tandem and boasting near-identical winemaking, our labour is to isolate the single variable of soil in our flagship wines. Together, the Alluvia and Silica Merlots are paragons of all that we aim to achieve at Intersection: honest wines that truly represent a certain place at a certain time.

Plum and dried, dark fruit with hints of vanilla on the nose follow into a full, deep palate. Earthy clove and cinnamon tones intermingle with dark chocolate raisin, licorice, and black tea. Dry tannins lend the wine grip and promise to unfold across the next 3-5 years.
With its bold structure, the Alluvia is a robust wine that pairs to excellent effect with seared duck breast or the finest, fattiest steak you can get your hands on.

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$29.00 (includes tax and deposit)

2013 was the second season of our separation between the Alluvia and Silica Merlots. This separation allowed for more specified vineyard management, which together with the consistently hot growing season, resulted in a beautifully stable and uniform crop of fruit. The thin sand caused strain upon the vines, resulting in stronger acid and tannin structure in the fruit. Upon harvest, the Silica is treated to 28 days of fermentation followed by ageing in tight-grained French oak, 30% new. This wine is gravity clarified, meaning that we rack the juice off of the settled sediment rather than pushing it through filter pads. This results in bolder structure, more density, and the designation: “unfiltered.”

A vibrant and concentrated red fruit nose leading into luxurious raspberry torte on the palate with a long, elegant finish. Excellent structure formed by an intermingling of crisp underlying acidity and full, firm tannin. A powerful and robust wine, the Silica pairs beautifully with rack of lamb or with pancetta and baked olives

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All listed prices include 10% PST, 5% GST, and bottle deposit